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RP Media is an Advertising / Consulting Company

RP Media is an advertising/consulting company. Ric Patterson, company founder and President has over 40 years of experience in the broadcast industry including TV, Radio, Digital and Print advertising. RP Media is the answer for businesses looking for a non-traditional agency with personal service that is client focused. Our mission is to provide excellent service at no extra cost to our clients. Our customers receive the expertise of RP Media with no added agency fees. RP Media is a well-established advertising agency with an excellent reputation in our area. We have cultivated lasting customer and vendor relationships. We work with clients throughout the Southeastern region from Nashville to Birmingham and Montgomery. We truly value strong working relationships and have built a high-quality service based on this core belief. For example, RP Media can leverage our longstanding media contacts to make advertising purchases a seamless and simple process for our clients. In addition, our high-volume media purchases allow us to obtain best value pricing and premium scheduling that other firms are unable to match. Of course, our strong commitment to our clients means that all savings are shared and mutually beneficial to both parties. At RP Media, it is our goal to challenge ourselves to be the most trusted agency and provide the absolute best advertising solutions for our clients. It is our product knowledge and innovative ideas combined with our unwavering commitment to excellence that have fostered long lasting relationships throughout the years.

Our staff includes Ric Patterson, President whose experience and reputation set the standard for our agency. Ric has 20 years as RP Media President, combined with 22 years in TV sales and marketing. Stephanie Daniel, Senior Marketing Consultant has over 25 years’ experience in sales and marketing. Her expertise expands to creative design layout and provides a professional dimension to the needs of retail and small business owners. Jennifer Blue, Marketing Consultant exemplifies the “personal touch” unique to RP Media. Pam Pruitt, Marketing Consultant has 30 years’ experience in the cable TV market with extensive product knowledge. Linda Patterson, Office Manager, provides streamlined billing and operations support.

Key Benefits

  • Professional and Personal
  • Creative and Innovative
  • Best Value and Great Results

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Jennifer Blue

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